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Whereas the T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk card is free on contract, and you get unlimited data for £20 per month, Vodafone is far more conservative with its pricing. The cheapest tariff available is £29.37 per month, which only gets you 250MB per month, plus you’ll have to pay £116.32 for the card in the first place. If you want unlimited data then you’re going to have to pay £57.57 for the card and then £52.87 per month – that’s a lot to pay for the privilege of using IM and VoIP services.

When push comes to shove, the new Vodafone Mobile Connect card performs brilliantly. You get lightning fast download speeds, excellent coverage and a rock solid connection. Add to this Wi-Fi functionality and the ability to fire off text messages from your notebook, and it’s clear that Vodafone has ticked all the right boxes. Unfortunately, you can’t ignore that T-Mobile is offering all of this too, but at a fraction of the price, which makes Vodafone’s proposition look far less attractive.


The Option Globe Trotter data card is a great bit of hardware, and Vodafone’s implementation is first rate. The Mobile Connect Dashboard software is also superb and is arguably better than T-Mobile’s Communication Center application. It’s also worth remembering that Vodafone has no issues with customers using VoIP or instant messenger services. But all of this can’t hide the fact that the Vodafone price plans are nowhere near as attractive as those offered by T-Mobile, and until this is addressed it will be hard to recommend the Mobile Connect card over the competition.


Score in detail

  • Value 5
  • Features 9
  • Usability 10