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Of course, this handset plays music. With 30MB of memory on board you aren’t going to be able to store a lot without a microSD card – the slot is nicely accessible on the right side of the casing. And the battery life is quite good. From a full charge I got 10 hours 51 minutes of non-stop music.

But the proprietary headset connector is something of a let-down and you will also find this the case if you want to connect the phone to a PC as the USB cable is proprietary at the phone end too. Both connectors share the mains power cable slot which means this too has a proprietary connector to the phone and you need to carry the charger to feed the battery while out and about.

The Vodafone 810 offers Vodafone’s Mobile TV service. Yep, that’s TV on your mobile. Various packs are available, the cheapest being £3 a month. Between them they offer a range of channels; some streamed live, some made for mobile looped channels.

Other features not yet mentioned include email, calendar, task manager, memo pad, calculator, converters for units and currency, voice recorder, stopwatch, timer, six alarms and PC synch.


This is a fairly neat phone to carry and use, and battery life for music playback is good. The proprietary headset is a let down though, and the camera could have been better.

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