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By far the best setting for general use is the sRGB mode, which I used to test the display. Examining the picture using DisplayMate, together with general everyday use, some image editing, and a bit of movie watching revealed only a few issues. The colour ramps were very vibrant but showed some signs of compression in the low intensity end of the scales. This was echoed in the 256 greyscale tests too – smoothly graduated from highlights to mid-range with a small portion of the extreme dark end merging into a compressed black clump. This is only slight, but it does mean a drop in contrast (and thus detail) in very dark areas of movies, games, and images.

Furthermore, there was little evidence of motion smearing in games and movies thanks to a decent response time of 8ms grey-to-grey; (16ms, white-to-black-to-white). Colour accuracy also looked good in my test images, with natural looking skin tones and no untoward colour casts. Although the stated 176 degrees in both planes is arguable, the viewing angles were wide, with only a slight colour shift when viewing the screen from the extremities.

With some commendable image quality results, there was one factor that did disappoint – backlight bleeding. Display a black or a very dark screen on the VX2025wm and you’ll notice light emanating from all four corners. It occurs when light from the cold cathode tubes can actually be seen, allegedly a result of unequal pressure sealing of the LCD panel. In a brightly lit environment you won’t notice it, but if you’re playing dark games or watching dark movies in a dimmed room it certainly becomes noticeable.

It’s difficult to say if this is unique to the review unit I have here, but it certainly detracts from what is a generally good, widescreen LCD for a decent price.


The widescreen aspect ratio makes a good upgrade from a 17in CRT. Overall image quality is fine, and there are plenty of monitors out there with just a D-SUB port. It’s attractively designed and priced well too, but the lack of adjustability and the backlight bleeding issue might be a concern for some users.