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However, this particular ViewSonic not only suffers from uneven backlighting, but some of the worst backlight bleed we at TR have seen in a while. There is a simply unlikely amount leaking from the top and bottom edges of the monitor, again a problem for the VP2250wb’s intended market and this one more serious.

The last point of note for the graphics professional is ViewSonic’s included software, which consists of a driver, digital user guide, and PerfectSuite Plus calibration tool. PerfectSuite Plus offers reasonably extensive adjustments and calibrations for your new monitor, though nothing you couldn’t buy separately. Again, one can’t help but feel that the options are not quite extensive enough for professionals, who will probably prefer their own specialised calibration hardware anyway.

For entertainment though, the VP2250wb is generally ideal. Unfortunately, there is no 1:1 pixel mapping, or indeed any aspect ratio settings at all. But I can hardly fault the monitor for that, considering it is designed for non-entertainment use.

Overall, watching a movie is a really stunning experience. Colours jump out at you, while – despite the previously mentioned backlight bleed issues – excellent dark detailing lets you see more than most 22in monitors. There is no shimmering or other artefacts, apart from those inherent in the source. Similarly, games are a joy to play, with the whole experience delivering a lot of punch, and no signs of ghosting.


With the VP2250wb, ViewSonic has designed a monitor that falls short of the high expectations its marketing might suggest, since slight colour shift and bad backlight bleed means professionals may be better off looking elsewhere. But if you are a casual graphic designer, this monitor will do you proud. And, considering it is only £40 more expensive than the 22in Pebble, you get superior ergonomics and build quality supporting a great screen for general use, especially for gaming and movies.


Score in detail

  • Image Quality 8
  • Design 9
  • Value 8
  • Features 8