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To complement its business looks the VP2250wb has excellent ergonomics, where decent tilt and height-adjustment are joined by a remarkable 120 degrees swivel and full pivot. Adjustments are smooth, and while not as effortless as some, they’re proportionately solid. Inputs are no more than what you might need or expect, consisting of a single analogue VGA and HDCP-enabled DVI, although there’s a nice surprise in the form of a four-port USB hub.

For multi-monitor use (an important consideration for the target market), the VP2250wb features a ThinEdge(TM) design – and while the bezel ”is” quite thin all around, since when were thin edges worthy of a trademark? It also comes with all needed cables, including USB A-B. So far, ViewSonic’s most recent professional 22in LCD reminds me of Rambo: it will do everything without a hint of subtlety or style but will do it thoroughly, which is exactly what professionals will want.

Unfortunately the OSD is one area where the ‘industrial’ theme gets carried a bit too far. I don’t mind a chunky monitor, but the menus have no business looking like they came from the Stone Age. Especially annoying is that the option to switch dynamic contrast on or off is buried beneath a layer of menus, or at least it would be annoying if you’d ever want to turn it on, which you won’t since it’s not particularly effective. ViewSonic seems to realize this, though, and has it switched off by default.

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. While menus are not particularly intuitive, they’re easy enough to master and three of the four buttons act as helpful shortcuts. The one on the left beside the power button acts as an input switch, while ‘up’ and ‘down’ give direct control over brightness and contrast respectively.

Another nice touch is the ability of the OSD to pivot with your screen. This is accomplished in hardware without the need for drivers or user interaction.