UP Mini 3D Printer - Performance and conclusion Review


UP Mini 3D Printer – Performance

The UP Mini software isn’t the best 3D design software to ever grace the PC, but it’s more than enough for the job at hand.

You won’t be able to design and create your own models with it. There

are plenty of resources online, however – such as 123D from Autodesk, or Blender

if you prefer a locally
installed program.

UP Mini 3D Printer
You can, however, easily

load up an already created STL 3D model file, scale it to fit the

dimensions of the printer, and fix any angle errors that may occur in

the design process.
The UP Mini has a maximum print size of 120 x

120 x 120mm, with an optimum resolution of 0.2mm. Although there are

higher resolution models available, such as the UP Plus 2, UP Box or

even the SeeMeCNC Orion Delta, the resolution is more than enough for

the level of 3D printing that the UP Mini is targeting.
A typical

print – we used a selection of name-embossed key rings, a model of an owl

and a model of Robocop’s ED-209 – took from just four minutes for a

Joel-named key ring, to 41 minutes for ED-209.

Thankfully each print was successful, with no sign of warping or other

issues related to an open-air 3D printer. Clearly, then, the oven setup

works perfectly fine.
Obviously, it is possible to opt for different-coloured ABS or PLA plastics, and with some experience you’ll also be

able to combine two-tone-coloured plastics on the same model. There were some slight blobbing effects after a complex print, but

these were few and far between – and could easily be resolved by picking

off the blob or filing it away. However, the more delicate printed objects

required a steady hand to pick away at the rafting left over from

the printing process.

UP Mini 3D Printer

Should I buy the UP Mini 3D Printer?


you want a 3D printer that’s capable of super-fine detail and a large

print capacity, then you may be better off opting for the more

expensive UP Box, UP Plus 2 or, if you really have the cash to splash, the exceptional Formlabs Form 2.

However, if you’re just starting to dip

your toes into the 3D printer world, and you have a few projects lined up to get started, then the UP Mini 3D Printer is the

ideal machine for you. The build volume, however, is very limited, so you won’t be able to make any particularly large one-piece prints.

Also note then when you buy the UP Mini, you also get the

following included in the box: a 700g spool of white ABS filament, a set

of heat-protecting gloves, power brick and USB cable, a six-piece

precision modelling knife, three cellboards, a pair of snips, tweezers,

scraping tool, and the necessary tools to maintain the printer during

its lifetime.
It’s reasonably cheap for a 3D printer capable of

this level of quality and stability, and it’s extremely easy to use and remarkably good fun.


The UP Mini is a superb entry-level 3D printer. It’s compatible with the

new 3D app in Windows 10, easy to use and remarkably well priced, too.