Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review - Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review


Turning Point is also riddled with technical issues. Glitchy animation, texture pop-in and frame rate stutters are only the start. At one point I was able to climb to a vantage point where I had a nice view of miscellaneous background objects floating in the skybox. At other points the protagonist would half disappear through an object he was climbing. In one hilarious cut scene I saw a Nazi run over by a tank, then reappear standing up, then collapse again as if he’d just realised he was doomed. I don’t mean to be cruel, but it’s all a little bit amateurish.

Throw in one of the most basic and unexciting multiplayer offerings in recent times and you have a game that anyone with any sense whatsoever should avoid. Turning Point is a seriously third-rate shooter. It’s worse than Timeshift, worse than Turok, worse than Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. I wouldn’t even know how to compare it to the likes of The Orange Box or Call of Duty 4, so I won’t. I’m sure Spark and everyone else involved had some good ideas and the best intentions, but these simply aren’t reflected in the finished product. Loath as I am to give pre-release buzz any credence, this time it was right on the money. Let’s hope everyone involved makes this a turning point and never produces anything this bad again.


Normally I’d mutter about rushed releases and waster potential, but Turning Point makes you wonder whether there was ever a good game in here. One to miss.