TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Readers’ Choice: Product of the Year


Your voice is important to us, and that’s why encouraged you to be heard in this year’s Awards. Thousands of you chose what you thought to be the defining product of 2010 from our shortlist. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of the top-ranking products are mobile phones, and the top spot was hotly contested. In fact, we nearly ended up with a draw: second place was only three votes away from your winning choice.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the products that made it into the top ten and one honourable mention.

1st Place: Apple iPad

While we didn’t think the iPad was quite good enough to deserve an award when we reviewed it in May, there’s no denying that it has been a bit of a game-changer. Tablets had been done before, but never with looks this stylish and a screen this good, nor an interface quite so slick and easy. It’s fair to say that Apple’s slate single-handedly sparked a revival in tablets, with competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and ViewSonic ViewPad 10 now coming to market.


2nd Place: HTC Desire

We called HTC’s aptly-named Desire “a truly wondrous smartphone”, and apparently you agree, with it missing out on 1st place by the narrowest of margins. Thanks to its clear and bright AMOLED display, comfortable shape and size, and HTC’s custom Sense overlay to take off Android’s rough edges, it sat at the top of the smartphone food-chain for quite some time – and is still one of the best ones going.


3rd Place: iPhone 4

Evolution rather than revolution and not without its faults, the iPhone 4 is nonetheless Apple’s most desirable device yet. It sports a stunning, high-resolution IPS display, one of the fastest processors around and a design that isn’t the most comfortable to hold but looks absolutely gorgeous. It also benefits from more apps and accessories than any other phone.


4th Place: Samsung Galaxy S

The best specifications of any smartphone, but lacking the feel and interface to make the most of it. Nevertheless a worthy contender.


5th Place: Sony Vaio Z Series

A seductively thin and light powerhouse that oozes style. An amazing laptop if you can afford it.


6th Place: Sony NEX-5

Taking interchangeable lens cameras to a whole new level, with a large sensor, articulated screen and amazing build quality, for an affordable price.


7th Place: Alienware M11x

The smallest gaming laptop that deserves the title.


8th Place: Google Maps Navigation

Comprehensive and, best of all, free! This Android app is a must-have.


9th Place: Nokia Ovi Maps

Nokia’s answer to Google Maps is slick and polished.


10th Place: Panasonic P50VT20

Quite simply the most accomplished 3D TV available, and its 2D pictures aren’t half bad either.


Honourable Mention: Onkyo TX-SR608

There may be better AV receivers out there, but pound for pound, non can match this superb Onkyo.

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