TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Readers’ Choice: Company of the Year


Our Company of the Year awards was chosen from a selection of manufacturers who made the products featuring in our Awards. Unlike the Product of the Year 2010 votes however, there was a clear winner, with considerable margins between second and third place. We admit to some surprise regarding the champion here, but that’s what Readers’ choice is all about!

1st Place: HTC

Thanks no doubt in large part to the popularity of its Desire, which nearly won your Product of the Year top choice, Taiwan-based HTC is your favourite manufacturer. With gorgeous devices like the aluminium-clad Legend, it has certainly gone to greater efforts than most to make the smartphone lust-worthy. Crucially, its phones weren’t just pretty on the outside, but thanks to its Sense skin also attractive in use. It reigns supreme in the top spot here, with nearly a quarter of all votes.

2nd Place: Apple

With the incredible popularity of devices like the iPad and iPhone 4, it was almost inevitable that Apple would be in the top three, and with just under 20 percent of your votes it’s a solid second. Admittedly you pay premium prices, but then its products are consistently well-built, stunning to behold and work like a charm. How many other companies can say that?

3rd Place: Google

Its ubiquity is such that its name is synonymous with Internet searching and with its Chrome browser steadily eating away at the competition, the company that ‘does no evil’ is also a dominant player in the mobile phone market thanks to its Android OS. Google’s products are generally free, easy to use and very powerful, so it’s no wonder you rather like it.

Samsung, Microsoft, Panasonic and Sony received the majority of the remaining votes between them.