TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Best TV Over £750


1st Place: Panasonic TX-P50VT20

The only TVs we’ve seen so far this year that have delivered truly enjoyable and convincing 3D pictures have been Panasonic’s plasmas. LCD supporters can point to more detail and brightness in their 3D images, but the bottom line is that Panasonic’s plasma 3D TVs, like the outstanding P50VT20, don’t suffer nearly as badly as the LCD TVs with crosstalk (double ghosting) when watching 3D material. Wrapping the P50VT20’s immense appeal up is its also-excellent 2D performance and surprisingly aggressive pricing.

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2nd Place: LG 47LE8900

LG has had a really hit and miss 2009-2010, but the 47in 47LE8900 is a real highlight that bodes well for the Korean brand in 2011. It manages to combine edge LED levels of skinny design with direct LED technology with local dimming; the former trick delivers lovely aesthetics, while the latter produces really outstanding picture quality that emphatically puts to bed any remaining doubts anyone might have had that LG isn’t capable of being a true A-List brand.

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3rd Place: Philips 32PFL9705H

We considered not including the Philips 32PFL9705H in our top three for this section simply because it’s so expensive for a 32in TV. But in the end it just didn’t seem right not to honour what is comfortably the finest 32in TV we’ve ever seen, with its superb build quality, huge feature count, immensely powerful picture processing engine, excellent online functionality, and above all peerless AV performance – which includes, refreshingly, terrific sound quality.

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