TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Best Smartphone


1st Place: HTC Desire HD

If this was the year of Android then the HTC Desire HD has to be its crowning glory. This mammoth handset is well made, is beautifully simplistic in its styling, and packs in an enormous 4.3in screen that looks great. What’s more it has just about every feature we can think of and as Android is an open platform it means you can tweak it to suit your needs. Its shear size won’t appeal to everyone but if you don’t mind your phones to be large then you won’t find better at the moment. Honourable mention also has to go to the HTC Desire, which despite being many months old is still among the best smartphones on the market, especially with its new SLCD screen. Ultimately, though, its bigger brother wins out.

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2nd Place: iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 may have fallen behind the competition on paper, with a number of rival models packing faster hardware with more features. Also it’s somewhat uncomfortable angular design, antennae issues, and high price have tarnished its appeal. However, its screen is superb, its operating system is still blissfully easy to use and its built to another level of quality. If you’re less about features and more about ease of use, and you don’t mind splashing the cash, it’s still one of the best phones available.

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3rd Place: Samsung Galaxy S

Lauded for its super fast hardware and incredibly bright Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy S was expected by many to be the ultimate Android handset. To our eyes it didn’t quite add up to enough to take the overall crown but nonetheless, if you think the Desire HD a bit big and the iPhone 4 a little limiting, then it’s certainly the next best.

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