TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Best Projector


1st Place: JVC DLA-HD950

JVC continues to dominate the upper mid-range of the home cinema projection scene, to the point where we agonised for an age over which model in its range to pick for our top three. In the end, while we highly commend the brand’s £3k HD550 to people on a reasonably tight budget, the HD950 offers so much extra quality that we just found it impossible to resist. In fact, at £5,000 it’s an absolute stone-cold home cinema bargain.

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2nd Place: Epson EH-TW4400

Although a definite step down in quality from Epson’s terrific TW5500, reviewed in the last quarter of 2009, the much more affordable TW4400 is still a truly outstanding projector, with crisp, contrast-rich, colourful, noise-free and dynamic pictures that comfortably fit in with Epson’s apparent obsession with reminding us all that LCD technology is still more than capable of delivering an exceptional home cinema performance.

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3rd Place: Sim2 MICO 50

As well as producing another dose of the astonishing picture quality that’s pretty much become a Sim2 trademark these days, the MICO 50 hits our top three despite its far from mainstream price on account of its pioneering spirit. The reason is that it uses LED lighting to illuminate its pictures, enabling it to use less power than conventional projectors, while also meaning you very likely will never have to change its bulb throughout its entire lifetime. Brilliant. In very sense.

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