TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Best Netbook


1st Place: Acer Aspire D260

Acer went back to basics with the D260. It’s slim, light, and has excellent battery life: all the things you’d expect of a netbook. More importantly, the price is right. Unlike so many of the netbooks released this year, the D260 retails closer to £250 than £300, and is far better value for it.

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2nd Place: Samsung N130

Also going back to basics is Samsung with its N130. This actually uses a first generation Intel Atom processor, and is basic as it comes where features are concerned. However, while lacking in extras, the N130 is certainly one of the most stylish, most durable and best value netbooks we saw all year.

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3rd Place: Dell Inspiron M101z

Okay, we admit it, in the strictest sense of the word the M101z isn’t a netbook. However, in its simplest configuration, it costs just £379 and will trounce any pure netbook for only a little more outlay. Go for a more expensive dual-core version and you’ve got an outstanding student laptop, and a perfect tonic to the fact that there have been precious few outstanding netbooks this year .

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