TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Best Mobile Sat-Nav Application


1st Place: Nokia Ovi Maps

Nokia was one of the pioneers of the smartphone concept. Although its fire has been stolen by other options since then, there’s one area where Nokia handsets can still stand proud: Ovi Maps. This fully-featured sat-nav app is entirely free for compatible devices, and includes all the traditional features such as a POI database. Best of all, you can download the maps and store them locally, avoiding data charges when roaming internationally and any problems with coverage at home. Maps are extensive too, and even include Russia and parts of Africa. Like most things involving Symbian, the Ovi Maps interface is rather clunky. But in this case the weight of features still makes this a major reason to choose a Nokia.

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2nd Place: Google Maps Navigation

Although the worry of data coverage means you wouldn’t want to make this your sole navigation tool if you travel regularly or for business, it’s still an amazing utility for Android users. With great map coverage (roaming charges permitting) and decent features, this zero-cost option could be Google’s wave of the future.

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3rd Place: TomTom for iPhone

TomTom for iPhone is the only traditional third-party app to make it into our awards listing this year. Whilst many smartphone sat-nav apps are only viable for occasional use, TomTom’s software has most of the features of its standalone devices. Best of all, you can bolt on HD Traffic for just £3.49 a month, which will easily pay for itself if you have a rush hour commute to contend with. TomTom for iPhone may be expensive, particularly if you opt for the bespoke screen mount, but it’s a smartphone sat-nav option you could use every day.

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