TrustedReviews Awards 2010 - Best Budget Mobile Phone


1st Place: Nokia C3

Everyone has different priorities when buying a budget handset: are you after the cheapest possible phone with a Qwerty keyboard, is a touchscreen the most important thing to you, do you want something simply small and light, is ease of use most paramount, or do you just want the cheapest thing going? One thing’s for sure; you can’t have it all. We decided to pick the Nokia C3 because, to our minds, it has the best overall package. There’s a full Qwerty keyboard for easy typing; build quality and styling is excellent; the screen is easy to read; there are a few extras like email, Facebook, and Twitter; battery life is good; and it makes a good call. Best of all, you get all this for around £70.

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2nd Place: HTC Wildfire

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to all those premium touchscreen smartphones but don’t want to compromise on build quality and styling then the HTC Wildfire is for you. With a lovely glass touchscreen, snappy performance, and all the features you’d expect from its fully-fledged smartphone operating system, Android. It misses out on top spot merely by dint of it still being relatively expensive for a ‘budget’ phone, at around £200 SIM free, but compared to the £500 you’d pay for the real deal, it’s a bargain.

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3rd Place: Samsung Genio Slide

Along the same vain as the Nokia C3, the Samsung Genio Slide offers more than you would normally expect for such a budget phone. The slideout keyboard is excellent and the touchscreen makes general navigation a breeze. You get Facebook and Twitter access and even a BBC iPlayer widget and with Wi-Fi onboard browsing is reasonably nippy. All yours for just over £100 SIM free.

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