Trial Xtreme Android Game Review

Key Features

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Most Motocross games are all about pulling tricks and achieving big air, but Trial Xtreme is a little bit different in this regard. It’s designed much more like a traditional arcade racing game. The aim is to get to the end off the level in the shortest amount of time possible. As you would expect, levels start of pretty easy, but gradually ramp up in difficultly, with harder jumps and obstacles the further you progress.
Trial Xtreme
You control the bike using the accelerate and brake buttons while also using your phone’s accelerometer to balance how your rider sits on the bike – something you have to carefully manage in order to move your weight around and successfully complete tricky jumps. The graphics are top notch, especially on higher end devices, and the game play is surprisingly addictive.


Trial Xtreme’s subtle controls and top notch graphics make it one of the better motocross games available on Android.

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