Trauma Center: Second Opinion - Trauma Center: Second Opinion Review


As she only gets one operation to the five or six otherwise found in each chapter this doesn’t work out to a vast amount of extra content, but the two stories slowly intertwine and the developers have used the extra operations to add in some more neat ideas. What’s not to like about an operation that has to be done under the constraints of torch and flashbulb lighting, or a neat bit of bone-setting using the forceps to twist the various fragments into place?

What’s more, having taken six to eight hours to work your way through the storyline, the game doesn’t just stop dead. For one thing, as with the DS version you get a selection of extra special missions to play through, not to mention the opportunity to crack the game at a higher difficulty level. It’s also worth factoring in the ratings dished out when you complete each mission. I’m not usually one for this sort of thing, but once you start getting called a master surgeon and hitting the A or S grades, there’s nothing more galling than to look back through your record and see the Bs and Cs lurking throughout. Must repeat until perfected…..

By now you might have the picture that this is one of the best single-player offerings on the Wii, and you’d be right. Like all the best Wii games Second Opinion is accessible and instantly engaging, but unlike so many others this Trauma Centre has legs. It’s still a little too slight to be a classic and the lack of multiplayer options is a shame, but Second Opinion is the sort of game that you’ll want to see through to the bitter end. What’s more, everyone else in your household will doubtless feel the same. It might not be a masterpiece, but this Wii game doesn’t need a second opinion. It’s essential.


A good DS game makes a great Wii title. Like House without the bitter wisecracks or ER without all the personal growth nonsense, Second Opinion is a hugely enjoyable chunk of medical melodrama.