Toshiba Regza 32AV713B - Performance and Verdict


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It goes without saying, of course, that the 32AV713B’s pictures don’t entirely escape the shackles of its price point. For instance, while its images look punchy, black parts of the picture still exhibit slightly more greyness over them than you’d expect to see with good mid-price (£450-£500) 32in TVs. Especially when a scene contains a mixture of bright and dark elements.

We noted a tiny bit of input lag too, which might marginally disadvantage serious online gamers, and while motion blur is well handled, there’s definitely evidence of judder. Next, the set falls foul of LCD’s usual limited viewing angle issue, whereby contrast and colour reduce dramatically if you have to watch from an angle greater than 40 degrees or so. And finally we weren’t impressed by the picture’s presets at all, finding the Cinema one in particular miles wide of the mark.

But the TV provides enough tools to get round this latter point. And when it comes to many of the other failings, they’re either more or less universal to LCD TVs generally, or else they’re only notable in relation to improvements you might expect if you spent more money elsewhere. None of the 32AV713B’s picture flaws actually look at all bad in the context of its ridiculously low price.

Shame, then, that the 32AV713B can’t muster a decent soundstage to keep those fine pictures company. The speakers tucked somewhere within the 32AV713B’s body – it’s actually quite hard to tell exactly where its sound is coming from! – are alarmingly short of both raw power and dynamic range, resulting in a soundstage that sounds thin, boxed in and muddy even when under relatively little stress. So you can imagine how unsatisfying things start to sound during a good Hollywood action scene.


Judged on its picture quality alone, the 32AV713B would have bagged an overall score of 9 and a coveted TrustedReviews Recommended badge. Not because its pictures are mind-blowingly brilliant in the context of the TV world at large, but because they are streets ahead of anything else we can think of at the set’s puny price point. And when you’re talking about a TV as cheap as this, you simply have to mark it according to its market context.

The set’s emphatically underwhelming audio, though, leaves us with no choice but to knock the set down to an overall mark of 8. In fact, it’s sufficiently bad that the overall mark might even become a seven for anyone looking for a TV to watch a lot of action films on.

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