Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Review



  • Stripped back but addictive gameplay
  • Old levels and old songs make great nostalgia
  • Enjoyable online play


  • Structure is heavy on hard grind
  • Short and repetitive soundtrack
  • General lack of content

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £10.28

Available on Xbox Live Arcade
It’s nearly thirteen years since the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater arrived on the first PlayStation console, and what was once one of the biggest brands in gaming has descended into ignominy, its good name wrecked by the skateboard peripheral horrors of Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred. Some say the rot set in with Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground in 2007, while others would date it further back, to the Underground and American Wasteland games. Either way, it’s a series ripe for a reboot, and there’s no shortage of hardcore fans wishing that the game would drop all the peripheral/free-roaming/snowboarding/comedy/story-based nonsense, and simply go back to what made Tony Hawk work in the beginning.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

With Pro Skater HD they’ve got their wish. This year’s first Xbox Live Summer of Arcade title isn’t quite a reboot, a remake or an HD remaster, but it takes elements from Tony Hawk Pro Skater and its sequel, updates the graphics and throws in online play. If you want a game to sate your nostalgia, it will more than do the job. If not, then you’ll still get a fine skateboarding action game, but maybe not such an excellent time.

Back to the Roots
This really is a back to basics exercise, with the single player campaign consisting of little more except seven levels, each with a number of goals, and a selection of skaters with which to complete them. At first only one level, the first game’s Warehouse, is accessible, but completing four goals in this unlocks the next one, School II, and completing four goals in that will unlock the next one, The Hangar. Goals include collecting the SKATE letters, finding other collectibles, busting stacks of barrels or boxes and pulling off enough grinds and tricks to rack up basic and pro-level high scores. The challenge? Anything you want to achieve has to be achieved within a two minute time-limit.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

In a lot of ways, this simplicity is a strength. With no time to waste you’re forced to focus on objectives, working out the lines, tricks and combos that will give you the maximum score, or searching for the collectibles and working out the ways in which you have to reach the more difficult hall-passes or letters. The physics are more arcade than in EA’s Skate series or some later Tony Hawks titles, and the controls are simpler too, with old-school, button-based moves instead of fancy-pants right-stick manoeuvres. If you played the original games and loved them, then playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is just like getting back on an old bike. Within a few minutes, everything will come back to you.

It’s addictive, too. You’ll come to each level unsure what to do, and slowly start feeling out the runs, searching for the collectibles and spotting, say, the key rails you need to grind to meet an objective. Then you’ll really go to work, finding ways to complete objectives in the time available, sometimes scraping a victory, sometimes falling short by a few seconds, then coming back for another go. The urge to have one more go and get it right next time is very powerful.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

Grinding to Grind
Yet there’s also a downside. Frankly, there are times when Pro Skater HD is a bit of a grind. The way you progress through levels encourages you to just keep working away at an objective until you finish it off, and to make things worse unlocking the next level only unlocks it for the current skater, so if you want to try another face with different skills, then you’ll just have to work your way through the earlier levels first.

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