Timex Bodylink System with Data Recorder Review - Timex Bodylink System


Timex Trainer produces a myriad of charts and graphs, and you can edit data it has captured from the Data Recorder, allowing you to fill in any gaps and add in body weight, resting heart rate, activity type and notes for each session. Do all this diligently as well as feeding the software with training goals and over time it could be useful. But the software is by far the weakest link in the whole system, and at the very least it could do with an interface overhaul and much more help for novice users – by which I mean both those new to using IT in this way and those new to striving for fitness.


Overall, though I found the Bodylink System easy to use and very rewarding. It is true that its modular nature means you have to deal with lots of separate bits but I got used to that very quickly, and on a run I was never aware of anything other than the data the watch gave me to look at.

Furthermore, the benefits do outweight the annoyances of setting the kit up before a run. Not only do I now know the length of all the runs I’ve been doing for the past ten years or so, I know where all the kilometre markers are. I’ve always known I do worst in the fourth mile of a six mile race, but I’ve never before been able to measure quite what goes on there. With forced split times and the heart rate monitor, I’m looking forward, in a perverse kind of way, to finding out how much I really do lose it in the fourth mile. Sadly, the Bodylink System can’t magic up the solution to that problem. Only hard work will do that.


Score in detail

  • Value 9
  • Features 9
  • Usability 8