Thermaltake Mozart TX Case with 7in Display - Thermaltake Mozart TX Case with 7in Display Review

On this side, you can see where the PSU fits. There is also room to fit a secondary Mini-ITX motherboard. With a little re-jigging of the design, I feel this could have been suitable for the less expensive MicroATX motherboards. It’s also worth noting, that there is no room for a secondary PSU. Instead, Thermaltake expects you to either purchase its Mini-ITX expansion kit (which is just a PSU that fits in to a 5.25in bay), or use something like a PicoPSU.

From the back, you get a much better idea of scale – seeing the 120mm fans all lined up. There are the three at the rear, and then another two at the front of the case.

This is the top right portion of the case. This module is removable for installing hard drives. There are also rubber grommets included, to help reduce vibration.

The module itself also includes a fan, to help keep the hard drives cooled. You’ll have to remove this in order to install any optical drives.