Thermaltake Bigwater SE - Thermaltake Bigwater SE Review


All told this was a very competent showing and I’d have no real worries using this kit even for moderately hardcore overclocking. It may not be the most efficient on the market but it’s vastly superior to air.

The only concern I do have is the quality of the parts. It’s not expensive for what it is but you can tell where the corners have been cut to keep the price low. None of the cutbacks have impacted on performance, but they are reflected in the look and feel of the product which may deter some. In short a bit of a rough diamond.



I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding water cooling snobs ready to talk this kit down, but in reality, despite its slightly “budget” look and feel, it works perfectly well.

It has its issues, such as needing to slide out the reservoir for topping up and the tacky looking filler cap. It’s also missing some of the nicer refinements like a flow indicator (available from Thermaltake separately), a coolant temperature readout, or even a funnel, but otherwise it’s a competent if somewhat unspectacular gateway to the wonderful world of water cooling.