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So, now you have a weapon – how do you go about killing your Quarry? Eye witness reports get back to you with their last location (thanks to Mr X) – both deck and room. A quick look at the map and you’ll be well on your way to finding them. You then need to identify them, by walking up to various people and clicking on them to reveal their name. Getting close to them, you’ll either let your hunter who you are, find a complete stranger or discover your Quarry. Equally, you could be letting your Quarry know that you know who they are.

Then it’s just a case of pulling out your hammer and bludgeoning them in to a bloody mess on the floor, no? No. Darted around the ship are several security guards and security cameras. Try and kill someone, or even have a weapon out while being watched and you’ll be instantly arrested. Depending on what or how many weapons you are carrying determines the length of your punishment in seconds. You are then in prison for this much time while the rest of the game carries on. This is often a good time to take care of your “needs“.

Much like “The Sims”, your character has needs – hunger, thirst, sleep, conversation, enjoyment etc. If you don’t take care of these, bad things happen. You might go crazy, you might die or you might just soil yourself. So, pretty much like real life then. This can be rather irritating to deal with, but you very quickly find ways of dealing with needs as you are wandering around the ships. Wander in to restricted areas and you are likely to be fined, or possibly put in prison. These areas are often worth a gander though – as this is where the highest scoring weapons are kept.

There is a considerable amount of strategy involved in the game – like luring your Quarry in to a quiet corner where no-one is watching, or staying in well-watched areas so you can’t be hunted down. Be aware though, that you can bribe security for a small amount of time, so even the protected areas aren’t always safe. If you’re trying to put off your hunter, you can even put on different clothing, or an eye patch to try and put him off.

As with any game, there will always be someone out there trying to spoil the party. If you kill someone that is not your Quarry or Hunter, then you lose money and get a negative score. Some severs will kick anyone with a particularly bad negative score. If that doesn’t work, a string of prison sentences might stop them from doing so. This is a thinking man’s game, and from my experience on the servers, it’s populated by more mature people. It won’t ever be as popular as Counter-Strike, but that’s a good thing as there are a lot of complete idiots playing that old classic. Such people probably won’t have the patience to play this game and will return to venting their frustration in a nonsensical manner on IRC channels.


There are several modes of game play (deathmatch, last standing), but the one I have described is by far the most fun, and is what most servers are running. If this all sounds like fun to you, then give it a go. Don’t be put off by the learning curve, as it might take a while before you start having fun, but stick at it and you’ll realise that it was worth it.

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