The Original Tale of Peter Rabbit iPhone App Review

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  • Review Price: £1.49

Perhaps one of the surprising things about iPhones and iPads is that kids love them every bit as much as adults do. This has lead a number of developers to recreate classic children’s tales as ebooks with cute animations, voice narration and interactive elements.
Peter Rabbit
One of the newest and cutest is this recreation of the classic Peter Rabbit book from Penguin. This eBook uses the original text and matches it to beautifully drawn illustrations as well as some nice 3D and parallax effects to bring the story to life for youngsters. Add in first rate narration and a bunch of educational games and colouring exercises, and you have an app that’s well worth its modest £1.49 asking price.


This is a great interactive app for kids with some well thought-out elements that will grab their attention and keep them interested in the story.

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