The Best TVs of 2010 - Sony KDL-52HX903 and Samsung PS50C6900

8. Sony KDL-52HX903

Price: £2599.89 (inc current VAT back saving)

It’s probably about time we included a 3D model given that these are what you apparently all want. And the 52HX903 is for us comfortably Sony’s best 3D set of the year. In fact, it’s the only Sony model you should genuinely consider buying if 3D is really important to you.

The reason for this is that its use of direct LED backlighting seems to help rein in the crosstalk noise that so bugged us on so many 3D TVs in 2010.

There’s still a bit more of the telltale double ghosting noise around with 3D footage than we’d ideally like, but it’s less overt than on Sony’s other types of LCD TV. Plus, of course, the 52in size chimes nicely with our growing belief that 3D becomes more effective the bigger the screen you watch it on.

The 52HX903‘s 2D picture quality is mesmerisingly good too. Plus, of course, the set delivers Sony’s Bravia Internet Video online platform.

7. Samsung PS50C6900

Price: £938

Samsung threw all its marketing might behind its dazzling-looking edge LED ranges this year. But while there were indeed things about these super-skinny design classics that we loved, we actually ended up feeling fonder of a far less glamorous Samsung TV: the PS50C6900.

The PS50C6900 is still very good looking, as it happens, but Samsung’s marketeers just didn’t seem interested in its core plasma technology, and so the set just crept into stores almost unheralded.

In reality, though, it’s a terrific bargain. For as well as giving you 50in of good 2D picture quality for under a grand, it also, remarkably, delivers full HD 3D. Even more crucially, it delivers this 3D while suffering much less with the hated crosstalk noise than all of Samsung’s supposedly more exciting LED ‘superstars’.