The Best TVs of 2010 - Panasonic-Viera-TX-P46G20 and Philips 46PFL9705H

6. Panasonic Viera TX-P46G20

Price: £849,

While we still haven’t quite got over the fact that Pioneer doesn’t make it’s truly amazing plasma TVs any more, Panasonic got mighty close to the old Pioneer quality with some models in its 2010 range. And crucially it also made this new quality surprisingly affordable.

The single greatest bargain in Panasonic’s range was, for us, the P46G20. With a generous 46in screen, Freesat and Freeview HD tuners, and Panasonic’s decent VieraCast online service, it certainly offers plenty of on-paper appeal for its money.

The exceptional picture quality delivered by Panasonic’s latest NeoPDP technology is what really steals the show though, especially with high definition sources.

One thing though, Panasonic: please make your TVs a bit prettier next year…

5. Philips 46PFL9705H

Price: £1949,

Philips ‘forgot’ to include Freeview HD tuners in any of its 2010 TVs, and rather botched its early 3D approach by selling its 3D kit as an add-on, before seeing the light and throwing the necessary transmitter and glasses in for free with its 3D TVs.

Yet the brand still delivered a truly awesome TV with the 46PFL9705H. This direct LED TV looked gorgeous, had phenomenal multimedia talents (including full Internet access) and best of all produced truly terrific picture and sound quality.

At their best, in fact, the 46PFL9705H’s 2D pictures are arguably the best we’ve seen on any TV this year. Its 3D pictures are also the best yet seen from an LCD TV – though they still suffer with a little more crosstalk than plasma models.

The only things stopping this set from settling higher up this list are the missing Freeview HD tuner, and the effort required in terms of regularly adjusting the set’s various processing tools in order to keep pictures at their best.