The Best TVs of 2010

So. Christmas is done and dusted. The pressies have been opened and played with, the crackers have been pulled and binned, the Queen’s Speech has been heard and forgotten, and the turkey’s been digested and…, well, you know. Hello Mr Hankey.

Time, then, to start thinking of the January sales. And since a pre-Christmas poll on Sky News suggested that a swanky new 3D TV was the most desired Christmas present – ahead, remarkably, of even the iPad – we thought it would be a nice idea to present our favourite 10 TVs of the year – including a healthy number or 3D models. We might even have tried to stick totally with 3D TVs were it not for the fact that we couldn’t actually come up with enough that we really, really liked…

Please note that the TVs we’ve selected here have been chosen purely on the grounds of how much affection they generated in us as we looked back over the list of all the TVs we’ve seen this year. The choices haven’t been made with any great thoughts of price or size categories in mind – if you want a more ‘structured’ approach like that, check out the TV sections of the 2010 Trusted Reviews Awards.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Here’s hoping this helps you with the big spendathon you’re all supposed to be up for as we enter 2011.


10. Sony KDL-40EX503


It’s unusual for a TV as relatively long in the tooth as the 40EX503 to make an annual ‘favourite TV’ list. But oddly, despite Sony serving up all manner of more glamorous models as the year’s gone on, this model still stands out to us for its combination of quality, features and price.

Doubtless there’s a touch of nostalgia associated with this, as the 40EX503 gave us both our first experience of Freeview HD and our first experience of the truly groundbreaking Bravia Internet Video online service. But you know, its simple CCFL LCD screen design also delivered arguably Sony’s most consistently good picture quality of the year.

9. Loewe Individual 40 Compose Slim

From £3,550, from approved Loewe dealers

Loewe has long been on the cutting edge of TV design, but hasn’t always kept up with the Joneses on the performance and feature fronts. However, the brand finally managed to put all the pieces together with its spectacular new Individual 40 Compose.

Obviously it looked amazing, thanks to its edge LED-induced slimness and gorgeous build quality. What’s more, with multiple colour options, inlay designs and stand/mounting options you can even design one to suit your personal tastes.

But what really blew us away was the exceptional picture quality it achieved from that edge LED engine, and the frankly astonishing sound quality we got from the optional Sound Projector attachment we tested.

Given that the TV starts at £3,550, we’d recommend dosing yourself up on a potent combination of mulled wine and Baileys before heading down to your local Loewe dealer to buy one. But this set shows that the luxury TV market is still alive and well, and for some reason that makes us happy.