Tesco Complete Office Review - Tesco Complete Office Review



”’Microsoft Word”’


”’Tesco Complete Office Write”’


Even dialogues for customising the software are the same. Right down to dragging the menu items right on to the tool bar!


Out of Complete Office and OpenOffice, my personal choice would be OpenOffice as it is much more powerful and more compatible with Microsoft Office. Not only that, it’s free. However, Complete Office has a lot of plus points.

Complete Office looks so similar to Microsoft equivalents, that you will feel quite at home using it. As long as you’re not using the complex features of Office (that 90 per cent of people don’t) then you’ll be fine. On top this, a single purchase of Complete Office comes with license to install on ”’two”’ machines!

Tesco has done a good job at cherry picking great software that it can offer to the consumer at a cheap price. And for this, the supermarket giant should be commended.