Terratec Headset Master 5.1 USB - Terratec Headset Master 5.1 USB



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As Terratec correctly points out on its website: “if you hear your opponent first, the advantage is obviously yours” and 5.1 audio certainly has the potential to give you that advantage.

In this respect Terratec’s offering certainly deliver well enough, providing a good sense of spatial awareness when gaming. Sound quality is still only average, but this is probably of less concern where online gaming is concerned.

Whether this warrants the extra cost, however, is an entirely different matter. Although 5.1 audio is an advantage in gaming it’s by no means a definitive one, and you can gain just as much of an advantage from using a decent set of stereo headphones. Ultimately it’s more down to skill, and though this headset may give you some advantage there are still better options available.


Although there are some benefits to the Headset Master 5.1 USB, the execution is lacking. They’re by no means awful, but the quality of the sound produced is solid rather than spectacular and the design is rather lacklustre. When you consider these facts, and the not inconsiderable price, then this headset sits firmly in the “could have been better” pile.


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  • Value 6
  • Features 7