TDS Nomad 800L Rugged PDA - TDS Nomad 800L Review


First off, the Nomad took a trip to the Arctic tundra that is my freezer. Now, since most domestic freezers can manage a temperature as low as -18ºC, I figured this would be a demanding enough test. And since most other pieces of technology I’ve been skiing with usually seize up when it goes below -10ºC, I figured it would certainly prove a point.

I took it slow at first, checking every 15 minutes that everything was okay. But two hours and a can of beer later, I decided recklessly to go the whole hog. I left it in overnight. As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty frosty the next morning, but when I hit the on button it fired up no problem and I was able to browse my contacts and connect to my Wi-Fi network straight away.

I wanted to give it a bit of a beating too, so I buried it in the (somewhat damp and mouldy) sand of my two-year-old’s sand pit. Next I chucked it into a hole in the vegetable patch. I dropped it on carpet and concrete, soaked it in a steaming hot shower and submerged it in the kitchen sink. I was about to drop kick it into a pool of boiling builder’s tar when I thought better of it – it’s so solidly built, I’d be more likely to break my foot than do the Nomad any damage.

Remarkably, it shrugged off every assault with barely a mark on it, until I unintentionally went a step too far and ground a piece of old brick directly into the Nomad’s screen in the vegetable patch test. Even then it survived with just a light scratch when most other so-called rugged items of technology would have given up the ghost and cracked, quite literally, under the pressure.