Tannoy Arena Highline 300 - Features and Setup Review


Inside each Highline 300 LCR is a 19mm tweeter and four 75mm mid-bass drivers. Because the satellites are all the same, it should guarantee a consistent tone across the system. They achieve a frequency range of 95Hz to 62kHz. The cabinets use Tannoy’s DMT (Differential Material Technology) at strategic points throughout its structure to minimise resonance.

Tannoy Arena Highline 300

Meanwhile the TS300 subwoofer boasts a 300W BASH amplifier and a 10in driver. Those controls on the side include crossover (the frequency at which it takes over bass duties from the satellites), volume, Low Frequency Extension (the settings are ‘Music’ at one end and ‘Theatre’ at the other) and Phase (0-180°). Switches governing LFE mode and Auto power are also supplied.

Tannoy Arena Highline 300Tannoy Arena Highline 300Tannoy Arena Highline 300Tannoy Arena Highline 300Installing the system isn’t quick – there’s a lot of screwing required to get those sats shackled to the stands – but it’s easy to figure out. There’s a cradle for the centre, which aids stability atop your AV rack. The sub can be mounted upright on its thin side or on the larger side if you want it lower.