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The 9022 was marginally quicker at printing our text and graphics test piece than its Samsung cousin, but marginally slower at completing our five page text sample. Our photo sample produced a dead heat between both printers, even though the TallyGenicom was printing our new, standard 15 x 10cm test print.

The print quality from this machine is very good. Text is clean and dense, with well formed characters that show no apparent splatter. Greyscales in business graphics are smooth, with well-defined dither patterns, though there is slight banding in some of the lighter tints. Photographic prints, at the top resolution of 1,200dpi, are well-defined, though there is considerable loss of detail in the shadows and some variation, again through banding, in areas of varying tone.

TallyGenicom quotes the printer as producing 51dBA when printing and we wouldn’t argue with that sound level. Subjectively, this isn’t a noisy printer, though it’s obvious when it’s working.

The 9022 costs around £60 more to buy than the Samsung – though Tally has good discounts for direct business sales, so this might come down – and each cartridge costs about £20 more. TallyGenicom offers ‘free’ on-site maintenance for years two to five of ownership if you buy only own-brand consumables (both Samsung and TG provide free on-site cover for the first year), so it looks like the better deal.

However, say you print between 5,000 and 10,000, 5 per cent pages, or equivalent, per year. That means you’re effectively paying £40 (cost difference on two cartridges) plus £15 (one quarter of the initial price difference), which equals£ 55 per year for full on-site maintenance.

Doing a quick Google search finds a three-year, on-site warranty for the Samsung machine from www.shopuk.co.uk at £44, all in. Against that, the TallyGenicom ‘free’ maintenance doesn’t appear that good.

Calculating the consumable costs using the cheapest source of toner cartridge we could find, gives 2.23p per page, which is not that cheap compared with its main competitors and around 30 per cent more than the Samsung price (1.69p per page). You could reduce the running costs of the 9022, of course, by buying Samsung consumables, which will fit and run in this machine.


There’s very little to choose in design and performance between the Samsung and TallyGenicom versions of this printer. Where the TallyGenicom offering differs is not in the printer but in its support. TallyGenicom online support from its own service technicians is included in the price of its consumables. While this is good for peace of mind, it’s still a more expensive option, overall.