T-Mobile Nokia N70 and ALK CoPilot Live 6 for Symbian Review - T-Mobile Nokia N70 and ALK CoPilot Live 6 for Symbian

Unlike newer N series handsets there’s no Wi-Fi in the N70, but there is Bluetooth, an FM radio, support for Visual Radio, calendar and To-Do management. You get the PC Suite software and a data cable for synchronising Outlook data.

General usability is OK though not outstanding. The main screen pushes 176 x 208 pixels into an area that measures 2.2 inches on the diagonal, and the keyboard feels a little squeezed given the amount of front fascia available. You might find it difficult to text quickly one-handed as the bottom row of keys is very close to the bottom edge of the casing.

Nokia rates the N70 with battery life of 3.5 hours talk and 11 days standby. As I said earlier I’ve been using the non World-Cup version of this handset for a while and I find it’ll sit on standby for more than a week without causing me any trouble.

On the navigation side of things ALK provides its GPS antenna, a plastic vehicle mount for the N70 (which is flexible in terms of which handsets it will hold), and a vehicle charger for the GPS antenna. You don’t get a charge splitter that allows you to power antenna and handset at the same time, which is something of an oversight, in my view, as you do get it with the Windows Mobile Smartphone version of CoPilot Live 6.

That aside, T-Mobile and ALK have done a good job of working together on this project and the whole thing does feel like a consolidated bundle rather than separate products thrown together. The key evidence for this is the getting started manual which walks you through the first few stages of using the software and includes N70 images so that you feel right at home.

The great thing about full postcode navigation is that I never found myself wanting to use anything else. Slap in a postcode and a building number if you have it, and routes are calculated quickly. You don’t need much else, though you can use town, street name or road intersection if you’d prefer these.