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However, looking at PCMark 2004 we’re seeing fairly large gains across the board and the 60GB hard drive seems to be a fair bit faster than the previous 80GB unit. The 3D benchmarks also show a small improvement, but you still won’t be able to play the latest games on it.

This time around we were able to run MobileMark 2002 and with a battery life of three hours and 51 minutes, you could do far worse if you need a mobile workhorse. It’s a few minutes short of Systemax’s stated “more than 4 hours”, but this is dependant on what type of applications you use while on battery power.

Although very little has changed, the TourBook 5202 is still a very appealing laptop with a well rounded feature set. Of course the price is always important, and at £1326.58 inc VAT it’s not overly expensive, but it is a fair bit more pricey than the previous models. You can get far cheaper notebooks out there, but not with a 2GHz Pentium M processor and full Centrino branding – ultimately you get what you pay for.


Overall the Systemax TourBook 5202 is a well rounded machine with all the features you need as well as very good battery life. The increased performance is welcome, but it comes with an associated price rise over its predecessors.

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