Synology DiskStation DS210+


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  • Review Price: £308.07

The divider between home and small business NAS devices isn’t particularly clear any more. The Synology DiskStation DS210+ is a fine example of this point. It could just as easily be argued as a very well featured home NAS box as it could a lower end business system.

The semantics aren’t particularly important. What matters is the feature set on offer in this update to the well-received DiskStation DS209+. Importantly the DS210+ is a good £90 cheaper (disk-less) than its predecessor, which is a big tick in the plus column.

The chassis, which can hold two discs, is almost unchanged. The front is home to an eSATA port, a USB port, a few status LEDs, a power button, and a quick-transfer button. This automatically dumps everything on an attached flash drive into a folder on the internal storage of the DS210+ which is rather useful.

The rear panel is home to a Kensington lock point, two USB ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port and the device’s power input. These rear USB ports can be used either to connect additional storage, a printer – which can then be shared with computers on your network – or a camera to the DS210+.

Internally the DS210+ has a 1.06GHz Freescale mpc8533e PPC Processor, 512MB of RAM and can support up to 4TB of storage (in the form of two 2TB drives). The DS210+ also offers 256-bit AES hardware encryption, offloading the task from the CPU. Regardless the components used, the DS210+ remained responsive throughout our testing, never showing a sign of slowing down.

Windows-based file transfers sped along with a 1.2GB TIFF uploading to the DS210+ at 83.5MB/s and downloading at 91.5MB/s. A 988MB folder of small files uploaded at 40MB/s and downloaded at 49.2MB/s. FTP results were similar, with the small file test resulting in a 47MB/s upload and 52.3MB/s download, and the large file transfer in 62.4MB/s upload and 63.7MB/s download.

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