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Swiftspin 360 50cm Manual Turntable Review


  • A good value, simple to use 360° turntable


  • Several studio lights required in order to ensure the best results.

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £136.00

If you’ve seen those 360° spinning product photos on the web and thought that perhaps you’d like to have a go at them yourself, or for your business, here’s the simplest and most inexpensive method of doing them that we’ve yet come across. It comprises a turntable made from 15mm white laminated medium density particle board, mounted on larger sheet of the same board. The turntable platter is marked with notches every ten degrees for manually lining up each of the 36 shots in the sequence, and it spins freely on a metal bearing.

It’s a simple construction but capable of high quality results, though careful lighting is required to lose the edge of the platter against a white background to achieve a true, floating ‘white out’ appearance. The white laminate surface cleans up well if marks do appear too – and after two weeks of use, it gives every indication that it could stand up to the rigours of commercial environments. If the 50cm diameter isn’t big enough they can make one any size for you to order.

For a one-off extra fee of £75 you can get a lifetime membership package that gives you access to help and support in the form of tutorials, videos, lighting guides, software, templates and so forth.


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