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Using the Q-BE isn’t as easy as it should be – something of a downfall due to it’s tiny size – and by having buttons on two sides you end up pressing the wrong buttons at times. This happens if you’re holding it with one hand and not paying attention on were you rest your fingers, as you end up pressing the menu key when you manipulate the control buttons on the opposite side.

It is also quite difficult to navigate the Q-BE, again this has a lot to do with size. I’m all for small devices, as long as you can use them, but in this case it all seems to have gone a bit too far. The menu button is used for both accessing the menus and for accessing the file browser. This is done by pressing it for different lengths of time, but more often than not you end up in the menu rather than the file browser.

The menu system is navigated by using the four-way rocker on the right hand side – which is also the track forward/backward, fast forward/backward and volume up/down button – which has a quite stiff action. The menu options are Music, FM, Settings, Recording and Listen. The first four are fairly straight forward, but you might wonder what the last one is for. Well, it’s for playing back voice recordings, as these can’t be played back by browsing to them in the file browser under music mode.

The settings menu allows you to change the equalizer, the screen, the time – including automatic power downs – play mode, recording modes and bit rates. Finally there is an option to reset the player to the default settings.

The built in radio has auto tuning and you can save channels to a preset. You can also record radio programs to the Q-BE as long as you have enough space free.

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