Star Blitz Android Game


Star Blitz is a classic shoot ’em up that sees you take control of an intergalactic space fighter with a mission to defeat the Alien Xeno Cluster, who are th bad guys that want toot take control of your home world. Your ship is equipped with a pretty powerful array of weaponry including lasers, electrons and homing rockets that you can use to blast the enemy into smithereens.
Star Blitz
The game takes a similar approach to controls as Glu’s previous hit game, Star Blitz, in that there are two virtual joysticks on either side of the screen – one to control movement and the other to control the direction of fire. The graphics are very stylish and the game play is easy to get into, but also suitably frantic.


Star Blitz is a classy top-down shooter with good looking graphics and engaging, old school gameplay.

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