Splashtop Remote Desktop Android App Review

Key Features

  • Review Price: £1.94

If you’ve ever thought it would be great to be able to control your computer or laptop from pretty much anywhere in the world via your phone or tablet PC, then SplashTop Remote Desktop is the app for you. You simply install a small program on your computer, boot up this app and you’re able to remotely view your PC’s screen and control the various applications loaded on it via your phone or tablet’s touchscreen.
Splashtop has done a good job of making the controls as easy as possible: you tap to select items, double tap to drag them and slide your finger to scroll. However, on small screen devices, it can still be tricky to select specific tick box or to press small buttons. On the positive side, as long as your connection is pretty fast, there’s very little lag to contend with.


Splashtop Remote Desktop makes viewing and controlling your PC from afar a pretty painless process.

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