Speed Link Medusa 5.1 Surround Headset - Speed Link Medusa 5.1 Surround Headset Review


Unpacking the Medusas I was a bit disconcerted by the velvety lining of the box, which rather was rather disconcertingly coffin-like. I was also put-off at first by the sheer mass of cables. This meant I actually left the headphones and came back to them when I had more time. I also took the unusual step of consulting the manual. This made connecting it all up fairly straight-forward. The reason that there are so many cables is that you can also attach the amp to a six-channel PC sound card or to a regular DVD player. Additionally if you feed a digital signal into a 5.1 amplifier with analogue pre-outs and then into the Medusa amp, you can enjoy 5.1 surround sound from your games consoles over headphones. If you want 5.1 headphones without an amp in between then you need to go for a set of HCT DH-720G Portable Home Theater Surround Headphones which come equipped with a decoder for an a digital stream sent over an optical cable.

One annoyance I found when connecting up was that the rear and centre/sub cables are labelled blue and red respectively instead of black and orange, which is the standard on most sound cards. Another issue is that the amp doesn’t include a pass-thorugh for the microphones so that you if you want to use it you have to connect it directly to the sound card, normally at the rear of your PC. There’s an extension cable that makes this possible but it’s a shame it’s done this way as it adds an extra cable dangling around.

What’s great though is that the remote on the cable actually has four separate volume controls for the front, rears, centre and bass, enabling you to set up the sound as you prefer. There’s a master volume control on the amp.