Sony Ericsson V800 – Vodafone 3G Handset - Sony Ericsson V800 Review


The V800 will happily synchronise with Outlook, so you can keep your diary in your pocket at all times. You can connect the phone to your PC using either Bluetooth or USB. You can also transfer images and music to and from the phone in this way, in case you don’t want to rip the memory card out and use a reader.

The memory card makes the V800 a decent bet as an MP3 player, and the sound quality is pretty good. There’s a set of headphones in the box that can also be used as a hands-free headset. In fact, even the integrated speaker is pretty good, although obviously playback is mono.

I’ve yet to show the V800 to anyone that hasn’t liked it. In fact I showed it to the guys on the Sony Ericsson stand at CES and it caused a big stir – most of them had never seen a 3G phone and had only read about the V800. But as with all desirable products, the V800 doesn’t come cheap and in these days of consumers expecting phones to come free with a contract, this is quite hard to swallow.

I’ve based the cost of the V800 on a £30 a month, 12 month contract, which includes 200 minutes of free voice calls each month. Now, most phones would come free on this type of contract, but the V800 will still set you back a whopping £200! Of course I understand that there’s a lot of technology in the V800, and that carriers like Vodafone can only subsidise the cost of the hardware so much, but £200 is a lot of cash to fork out for any mobile phone these days.

It’s a shame that the cost of the V800 is so high, because I know a lot of people that would love to upgrade to this phone, including my News Editor, Benny. But you’re going to have to really, really want the V800 to pay that kind of money for it. Vodafone is offering half price line rental for the first three months on a 12 month contract, or six months free on an 18 month contract, but it’s the initial cost that’s the biggest hurdle here.

Perhaps my expectations of how much I should pay for a mobile phone are skewed due to the cut throat nature of the business, or maybe Vodafone has priced the V800 high specifically to make it an elite status symbol. Either way, right now, this phone is out of reach for a great many consumers that would love to be carrying it.


I’d really like to give the V800 a Recommended award because, quite simply, it’s the best mobile phone I’ve used to date. Unfortunately, the sky high purchase price and the not insignificant cost of the 3G services make this phone an unattainable Holy Grail for the majority of mobile technology addicts. You can probably find the V800 cheaper if you shop around some of the online mobile phone suppliers, but my advice would be to wait a few months and snap this phone up when the price drops.


Score in detail

  • Usability 10
  • Value 6
  • Features 10