Sony Clie PEG-TJ25 Review - Sony Clie PEG-TJ25 Review


Connecting the Clie up to a PC is simple enough although the lack of a docking cradle always makes things a little messy. At the base of the unit is a single connector. To this you plug an adapter that comes in the box. The adaptor has ports for both the power supply and the USB cable. This configuration is pretty good since it means that you can keep the device charging while it’s also connected to your PC.

The IntelliSync software installed and worked flawlessly. It’s good to see that it synchronises seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook now, since that’s the contact manager and calendar of choice for most PC users.

By this point in the review you’re probably waiting for me to talk about the multimedia functionality of the TJ25, but unfortunately I can’t. Yes, it seems that the biggest compromise that Sony has made to keep the cost of this unit down is a lack of audio capability. There is no headphone jack on the device, so any thoughts of listening to MP3 music while on the move should be dispelled. Obviously the meagre 16MB of memory wouldn’t give you much space to store music anyway, but the inclusion of a Memory Stick slot gives you the option of increasing your storage. It’s a bit of a strange decision from Sony, but if you do want multimedia functionality, the next model up, PEG-TJ35 offers just that, as well as more memory. Obviously the TJ35 also has a correspondingly higher price.

Sony quotes an average battery life of around 10 days. Coincidentally I had the device for about 10 days and didn’t need to recharge it after doing so initially. Battery life will also be conserved due to the lack of audio capability. I often find that it’s excessive MP3 playback that runs down my iPAQ leaving me helpless when I actually need to do some work on it.

So, the Clie PEG-TJ25 has a lot going for it. It’s slim, stylish, easy to use and very cheap. If you’re looking for a very basic PDA that can look after your diary, contacts and memos, everything you want is right here. You can even run useful little applications like a London Underground route planner, although you only get a seven day trial of that on the CD. However, if you’re looking for something a more versatile, and you think you’ll want to use your PDA as a Walkman occasionally, you’ll have to look elsewhere and dig a little deeper into your pocket.


The TJ25 is a lovely PDA and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. It’s not feature-rich enough for me but to be honest I’m not the target user. Ultimately though, if you don’t demand too much from a PDA, the TJ25 probably has everything you need and the asking price is almost too good to be true.



Score in detail

  • Usability 8
  • Value 10
  • Features 7