Sony Clie PEG-TJ25 Review - Sony Clie PEG-TJ25 Review


The top edge is where the most interesting stuff is hiding. Here you’ll find an infrared port which is useful for transferring contacts between enabled devices. There’s also a neat little slot for inserting a Memory Stick, Sony’s own type of flash memory card. Inserting a Memory Stick is simple as it will only be accepted if oriented the correct way. Once inserted the Clie will recognise its presence and you can access the contents of the Memory Stick, or copy data to it. To remove the card you simply push it downwards to activate the spring release, and then pull it free. It’s great that there’s a Memory Stick slot in a device as cheap as the TJ25, but then considering that there’s only 16MB of internal memory (one compromise to keep costs down), you’re probably going to need it.

Finally at the top edge of the case you’ll find the stylus. Now, whether a stylus is good or not is very much down to the user. Some people like a stylus to be light, others prefer a bit more weight. Some like them thick like a pen others want them as slim as possible. As an iPAQ 5450 user I’m used to using a decent sized stylus that’s long enough to rest on my thumb joint while I’m writing. Unfortunately the stylus with the TJ25 is absolutely tiny. In fact it’s actually telescopic, so when it’s residing inside the device it’s even smaller. However, even when fully extended the stylus is miniscule and very awkward to use. As I said, this is a very personal thing, but I have relatively small hands, so anyone with large hands would probably have real trouble using it.

It’s a shame that the stylus isn’t great because actually using the device with a stylus is very easy indeed. It’s been a while since I’ve used a Palm (the TJ25 is equipped Palm OS 5) device for any length of time and things have definitely moved on a little. I decided to dive straight into writing some notes without refreshing my memory as far as Graffiti goes. Amazingly I found myself constructing sentences without any problem and with very few mistakes. I honestly don’t remember Graffiti being that intuitive when I used to use a Palm every day, but it’s certainly easy enough now for anyone to pick up and use without any need for training.

The 3in TFT screen sports a resolution of 320 x 320 with a 16bit colour depth. The quality of the display is excellent considering the bargain price and I was able to use it in any lighting conditions.

There’s a cover that can be connected that protects the screen. Once attached it folds across the front of the TJ25 preventing screen scratches. If you want to use the device you simply fold the cover to one side. Unfortunately, due to the position of the power switch, the cover can only be attached to the left of the unit, so if you’re left handed you may have some trouble using the TJ25 with the cover attached.