Sony Alpha SLT-A35 - Sample Images: ISO Performance Review


Sony A35 iso 100
As this 100% crop reveals, the A35’s base sensitivity of ISO 100 delivers sharp noise-free images

Sony A35 iso 200
Stepping up to ISO 200 and the A35 is still producing noise-free imags

Sony A35 iso 400
By ISO 400 the A35 is still delivering excellent results

Sony A35 iso 800
At ISO 800 there’s a hint of noise, but its really noting to worry about unless you’re pixel peeping

Sony A35 iso 1600
Again, at ISO1600 there’s a hint of noise, but the overall image is still very usable

Sony A35 iso 3200
By ISO 3200 there’s a hint of softening, but the image remains usable

Sony A35 iso 6400
ISO 6400 is the first setting where noise is visible at all image sizes

Sony A35 iso 12,800
ISO 12,800 is certainly noisy, yet it isn’t quite the unusable disaster it so often is at this setting