Solwise VeseNET PLA-AV-3E-PIGGY6 HomePlug - Screenshots Review

(centre)”’The bundled setup utility could only see the single test adapter and the displayed speeds are fantastical.”’(/centre)

(centre)”’Two options for applying QoS for different traffic types are provided – the VoIP option wasn’t available.”’(/centre)

(centre)”’In systems with dual network ports you need to select the correct one to see the PowerLine adapters.”’(/centre)

(centre)”’Firmware can be upgraded on the selected adapter but this doesn’t apply to the Piggy6.”’(/centre)

”’Add the adapter’s ID from its label and you can change the private network name – but only for the standard PowerLine adapters and not the Piggy6”’(/centre)


Score in detail

  • Value 7
  • Features 6