Sim2 Nero 3D-2 Review - Features and 3D Performance Review


Only having a single-chip system also means the Nero models can’t quite deliver the full ‘triple flash’ technology used by the Lumis 3D-S to deliver the ultimate in stable, natural and crosstalk-free 3D pictures. Instead, the Nero series works at a 120Hz 3D refresh rate – which works out in effect to be ‘2.5 flash’. But even so we hardly spotted a trace of crosstalk on the Nero 3D-1, so there’s no reason why we should see any more on the Nero 3D-2.

There are two main differences between the 3D-1 and 3D-2 projectors. First, the Nero 2 uses a more powerful lamp – 280W to the Nero 1’s 260W – to produce a significant chunk of extra brightness: 2000 ANSI Lumens versus the Nero 3D-1‘s 1600 ANSI Lumens.
Sim2 Nero 3D-2
The other big difference is that the Nero 3D-2 carries a dimmable iris/DynamicBlack system, enabling it to deliver a higher contrast ratio of 30,000:1. It’s worth adding, moreover, that since this is DLP technology, the quoted contrast ratio figure is likely to be much more ‘real world’ than the often higher but fanciful figures quotes with LCD models.

Given that almost our only (entirely unreasonable) ‘complaint’ about the Nero 3D-1 was that its images didn’t look as punchy and dynamic with 2D or as bright with 3D as those of the three times more expensive Lumis 3D-S, the Nero 2’s improvements in brightness and contrast are seriously promising.

Unable to restrain ourselves any longer, we fired up a selection of our favourite 3D test material – and once again we were instantly transported out of our test room and into a fully fledged commercial 3D cinema. Well, nearly.

All the familiar Sim2 positives were there. For instance, crosstalk was seemingly non-existent, leaving edges of objects in both the fore and background looking sharp and crisp. Not having to squint through crosstalk also leaves you free to soak up the gorgeous detailing of the Full HD active 3D pictures – especially as they’re writ large across a projector screen (which we’d recommend should be at least 100in across).
Sim2 Nero 3D-2
Also stunning is the sheer naturalism of the Nero 3D-2’s 3D images. It handles motion across and in and out of the 3D image superbly, with no unnatural judder, smearing, or processing artefacts.

Sim2 has provided PureMovie and PureMotion processing systems on the Neros, which can take out all judder from the image. But for us the resulting image doesn’t look at all natural. And if there’s any projector that really doesn’t need motion processing anyway, it’s the Nero 3D-2.

Crucially, the Nero 3D-2 betters the Nero 3D-1 in quite striking terms when it comes to the brightness and colour vibrancy of 3D images. That extra 25 per cent of brightness from its lamp comes into its own when you’re wearing active shutter glasses, ensuring that the 3D world really pops off the screen. The extra brightness also brings out a little more shadow detail in dark 3D scenes, and adds a greater sense of depth as you appreciate more fully the light cues that can help create a sense of 3D space.

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