Sharp HT-SB400 - Features and Operation Review


Inside the soundbar is an array of eight speaker drivers – two full-range for the front, two midrange drivers for the centre and four neodymium woofers. The 32W total power output includes 2 x 5W for the front pair, 2 x 3.5W for the centre channels and 4 x 3.75W for the woofers. The pre-out socket allows you to compliment these with deeper bass from an active subwoofer.

Another of the HT-SB400’s features is SRS WOW HD sound processing designed to boost the clarity and dynamism of the sound output as well as adding a surround sound effect. The drivers use High Definition Sound Standard technology, which is supposed to eliminate distortion and deliver what its creators describe as a ‘smooth, layered sound with a pure tone’.

There’s a range of TruSurround HD sound modes designed for different types of TV programme – News, which places a little more emphasis on the speech frequencies; Cinema/Game, which adds extra bass depth; Sport, which appears to widen out the sound to bring out the atmosphere of crowd noises; plus a Standard mode.

These are complemented by a surprisingly flexible range of audio adjustments, allowing you to tailor the sound to your liking. There are bass and treble settings (-5 up to +5 in both cases) as well as subwoofer level and centre speaker level settings.

All of these tweaks are controlled using a credit card remote, which sports some rather small buttons but it’s fairly simple to use. A single button lets you switch between the two inputs and there are individual controls for the subwoofer/centre volume levels, plus each listening mode has its own button and you can control certain Sharp TVs using the bank of buttons at the bottom.