Sharp Aquos LC-37LE320E - Picture Positives and Verdict Review


These fairly considerable picture issues do, thankfully, sit opposite a couple of notable 37LE320E strengths. Colours, while not always looking perfectly natural, are at least very dynamically and vividly portrayed, giving images a pleasing sense of punch (so long as they don’t contain too many dark bits).

Coupled with some quite intense brightness, the rich colours help pictures look impressively solid and as three-dimensional as they could reasonably get without actually being 3D. If you see what we mean.

HD pictures, meanwhile, look quite detailed and sharp when there’s not much motion to handle, revelling in the screen’s full HD resolution.

We’re quickly propelled back into negative territory, though, by the 37LE320E’s sound. For as with too many slim Sharp TVs in the past year or two, its speakers don’t have nearly enough dynamic range or raw power handling to sound remotely convincing with anything resembling an action sequence. The only small plus point sonically is that the set apparently acknowledges the limitations of its speakers, and so seldom if ever succumbs to actual distortion, even if you crank the volume almost to maximum.


The 37LE320E’s distinctive design is sure to win it admiring looks from many a prospective TV buyer. But unfortunately this is one glamorous TV model you shouldn’t be seduced by, for sadly it doesn’t deliver nearly enough features or picture quality to justify its mid-range price.