Sharkoon Xtatic SP Review - Build, Comfort and Setup Review


The Sharkoon Xtatic SP headset’s build

quality is good, with no creak or weaknesses in the plastics. Everything from

the headband to the cups, control module and cable feel like they will survive

many extended gaming sessions, and adjustments to the headband or cups feel

secure. Switches, buttons and dials offer solid, nicely-controlled action.

Sharkoon Xtatic SP 1

Comfort is good. The length-adjustable headband is thickly padded with a

leatherette finish, while the cups, which can swivel 90 degrees to fold flat

for easier transport, are big enough to fit all the way around – rather than

partially on – your ears. These too are thickly padded, and sport a breathable

cloth finish that will keep your ears slightly cooler than a leatherette finish

would have.


they’re comfortable even for long sessions, if not on a level with a set such

as the Q701 – but those do cost seven times as much. For its price class, the Xtatic

SP holds up well.

Sharkoon Xtatic SP 2

It’s worth

noting that this headset doesn’t isolate noise much. You’ll still be able to

hear everything that’s going on around you, which could be exactly what you

want or a major disadvantage. They also leak a little into your environment,

though nowhere near as much as an open-backed set of cans like the delectable


Thanks to

the included adapters, hooking up Sharkoon’s Xtatic SP is simple whether

connecting to a PS3, Xbox 360 or PC. It’s worth pointing out that the SP

requires power from its USB cable, so if you want to hook up a Wii or

other device without its own USB ports, you’ll need a charging adapter or

extension cable from a nearby device. This can be quite annoying as most

headsets will at least work through just their 3.5mm connector, but the SP

needs to power its control module and extra rumble effect, which we’ll cover later.

Sharkoon Xtatic SP 4

On a PC,

you can choose to use the SP just as a USB headset without connecting the 3.5mm

plug at all, but again you’ll miss out on that rumble effect. The simply huge

control module offers volume wheels for both the cans and microphone, a

microphone mute switch, an Xbox 360 pad audio input and a switch that selects

Xbox or PS3/PC mode. The feedback on both switches and wheels is solid. Our

only niggle is that there’s no option to turn the rumble on or off except by

removing the 3.5mm jack (though if you turn it off you’re missing a large part

of what makes this headset worth using).