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Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB Review

An innovative mop head and powerful steam burst mean efficient cleaning from the Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB


Simple controls and automated steam production make the Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB one of the easiest and most powerful steam mops you can buy. Clever flip-over cloths allow you to extend cleaning time, getting into the very edges of your home for an in-depth clean, and a powerful steam shot dislodges tougher stains. The only slight issue is that the mop won't stand up by itself.


  • Powerful and fast cleaning
  • Steam blast loosens tough stains
  • Simple controls


  • Doesn't stand up on its own
  • For floors only

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £149.99
  • Steam mop
  • 1190 x 110 x 100mm
  • 4 x microfibre cloth, 1 x carpet glider
  • 0.38-litre water tank

When cleaning hard floors you want to be able to cover maximum ground at the fastest speed possible – and the Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB delivers just that. An updated, special edition of the award-winning steam mop we’ve seen before, this model comes in an attractive black finish, plus it doubles the number of cleaning cloths and throws in a carpet glider, too.

Oh, and the price has dropped from £149.99, and you can now buy the steam mop for just £99.99 from Shark while stocks last. If you’re after a quality steam mop at a great price, this is it.

Shark S6003UKDB – What you need to know

  • General cleaning – Easy to use, plus you can flip over the cloth you’re using once it’s dirty and use the fresh side, too. This steam cleaner gets right up to the edges, but it can only be used on floors.
  • Hard surfaces – Quality cloths and automatic steam dispensing ensure the effortless clean-up of most mess, plus you get a steam shot for difficult areas.
  • Carpet cleaning – Push the carpet glider over floor coverings to remove basic surface stains, but you won’t get the deep-down cleaning of a full carpet cleaner.

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Shark S6003UKDB design and features – Simple to use, with great coverage

The Shark S6003UKDB looks much like any other steam mop: it’s a tall stick with a microfibre pad at the bottom. However, the Klick n’ Flip name tells you that there’s something more to this model.

While most steam cleaners have to make do with regular pad changes, which can be fiddly, Shark uses a clever double-sided pad. Just pick up the cleaner, tilt the head the other way round, and you can clean using the fresh side.

Shark S6003UKDB mop head

Shark has designed the round handle to work with the cleaner positioned either way around, so there’s no ergonomic difference when you change the side of the head you’re using. However, the controls are slightly harder to reach on the reverse side. But since this machine automatically doses steam, with three settings (Hi, Med and Low) to suit different floor types, once the mop is on you won’t need to access the controls regularly.

Shark S6003UKDB controls

The steam burst mode is only accessible when the mop head is reversed. Spin the mop around and pull it back, and it shoots out a burst of high-pressure steam for tackling those tough spots on the floor.

Shark S6003UKDB reverse steam burst

Next, Shark has developed a method whereby you can change mop heads without having to touch anything. Click down on the eject button and the cloth holder flips open and dumps the old cloth. Just press the head down into the back of a new cloth and it locks into the pockets and can be clicked closed. There’s no steam cleaner that makes this job quite so easy.

Shark S6003UKDB open mop head

With this model, you get four cleaning cloths in the box – up from the two that come with the regular model. A plastic carpet glider is included, too, which lets you run the cleaner over carpet for some basic cleaning.

Shark S6003UKDB carpet glider

Starting your clean is simply a matter of using the supplied jug to fill the 0.38-litre tank, powering on the mop and giving it a good minute or so to warm up before cleaning. Thanks to the 8m power cable, you’ll be able to reach most of a floor without having to switch out the plug into a different socket.

Shark S6003UKDB filling

The mop is quite wide, so it’s harder to get it into tighter spaces, and you don’t get a pull-out handheld section, so the S6003UKDB is built to clean hard and sealed floors only. In addition, it doesn’t stand on its own, so  take care when leaning it against something if you want to pause while cleaning.

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Shark S6003UKDB performance – Gets right up to the edges and cleans most stains with ease

I started by tackling my hard kitchen floor, which is often quite messy as a result of three cats traipsing in and out with their dirty paws. Putting the S6003UKDB into Hi mode, I found that it easily cut through most of the mess, removing the dirt without leaving the floor too wet.

Shark S6003UKDB dirty hard floor Shark S6003UKDB clean hard floor

One of the additional benefits of the Klik n’ Flip system is that the folded section of cloth at the front of the mop allows you to get close to the edge. In this regard, performance beats other steam mops I’ve reviewed.

Shark S6003UKDB cleaning up to edge

Tougher stains, such as dried-on cat food wouldn’t come off via the mop alone; they required a burst of steam to loosen them. It took a while to do, but the end results were impressive. The Hoover Steam Capsule 2in1 made shorter work of these types of stains as a result of its brush attachment, but it falls behind for edge performance.

Shark S6003UKDB tough stain Shark S6003UKDB tough stain cleaned

Next, I tackled the outside patio, which often bears my own muddy footprints from walking to and from the garden office. Again, a few sweeps on maximum power was enough to remove the dirt.

Shark S6003UKDB dirty patio Shark S6003UKDB clean patio

The Shark S6003UKDB is impressive in the way that it spreads steam across the entire span of the cloth. At the end of cleaning, you can certainly see on the cloth how much dirt has been lifted.

On Max power, I found that there was enough water in the tank to cover my kitchen and hallway, but I had to refill a couple of times to tackle the entire house.

Switching down to the Low setting, wooden floors proved no problem at all, with the Shark S6003UKDB cleaning the mess without saturating the floors. You can also use this setting with the carpet glider to tackle floor coverings.

As with all steam cleaners, carpet performance is okay – but nothing to shout home about. You don’t get the deep cleaning that results from using a carpet cleaner; this mode is more for general surface dirt, as a quick way of keeping rugs and carpets in shape.

Shark S6003UKDB dirty mat Shark S6003UKDB clean mat

Should you buy the Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB?

At its discounted price, the Shark Kick n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB is something of a bargain. The original model was already the most powerful floor mop we’d tested, and with this model, you get extra cloths and a carpet glider, all at a lower price.

If you need to tackle more than just floors, the Hoover Steam Capsule 2in1 may be a superior option. For delicate floors that you don’t want to leave damp, the Karcher FC5 sucks up dirty water as it cleans.

However, for most homes looking for a quality steam mop for hard floors, the S6003UKDB is easy to use, powerful and cleans right up to the edge.

Buy the Shark Kilk n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB for £99.99.

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